Whitney Port Gets Real About How Motherhood Changed Her Body

The Hills alum Whitney Port is doing a whole other kind of reality TV these days: her YouTube series, I Love My Baby, But…. The series began with Port documenting her pregnancy and now continues with her very real, very relatable take on the sweet ups and gory downs of motherhood. In July, Port and her husband, TV producer Tim Rosenman, welcomed their first child, Sonny Sanford — and the journey has been anything but glam.

Port’s latest episode — entitled, “I Love My Baby, But I Wish My Body Didn’t Have to Change” — hits on a sensitive topic for a lot of new moms: body image during pregnancy and after baby. In it, a weary no-makeup Port admits she’s struggling mightily to accept the postpartum changes in her body. “My body looks different,” she says in the video, filmed interview-style by her husband. “I love my baby, but he made my body look weird… Is it even worth it going to this Pilates class anymore?”

Port admits in the episode that fitness has been important to her as a way of coping following her father’s death from cancer. She continues, “I was fearful of how my body was going to change…I ended up gaining 40 pounds… Gaining the weight was really hard for me. I didn’t really want to get dressed. Everyday stuff was a stressful thing for me because I just hated how I looked.”

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Port quips to her husband as he films, “I’m wearing your T-shirt, which also doesn’t make me feel good about myself.” Preach, sister. Port also got very real about a fear that a lot of women have about childbirth. “Having a vaginal delivery changes everything down there,” she says. “It’s painful and uncomfortable and along with having to take care of a newborn, you have a whole other situation to take care of in addition to taking care of the baby.”

“I had a lot of anxiety about what labor might do to my body,” she admits. “You’re pushing an 8-pound baby from a teeny hole… I was concerned about what that was going to do to our sex life, if it would feel the same, if [Tim] would feel the same way about me. I thought a lot about if [Tim was] attracted to me, and that was hard because I was never insecure about that before.”

Port ends the episode with a few questions for her fans. “When does that line on your belly go away?” and “Do your nipples go back to normal?”

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Judging from the YouTube comments, Port’s motherhood series is resonating with her fans. Commenters responded enthusiastically to her new body image episode:

“I love how real and honest you are.”

“Whitney I LOVE this series! My baby will be 3 months next week and I have gone through almost EVERYTHING you have verbatim… glad to know I’m NOT alone. I get excited EVERY time I see a post from you, and I make my husband watch as well. Keep them coming and good luck with everything. You’re doing a GREAT JOB.”

“Just Thank You! nobody discuss these issues and it feels refreshing to see someone else talking about it.”

“Your body will bounce back! Just takes time. For me not so much cause I had 4 kids and I’m over 30 lol. But you’re active and young everything will go back to the way it was.”

“lol! my vagina went back to normal and actually i find it much easier to have orgasms now, unfortunately my nipples are forever changed and after breastfeeding for 18 months my boobs look like shriveled testicles.”

“Please don’t ever stop making these videos. Your realness is incredible and makes women not feel so alone.”

Yup. It’s a brutal new world when your nipples have lost their way and boobs look like “shriveled testicles,” so we also hope Port keeps going with her candid series. Because this is reality TV at its realest — and best.