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George Clooney Is Scared of ‘Breaking’ His Twins — Oh, & Matt Damon Is His Manny

Actor George Clooney joked to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night that he’s done with diaper duty with 4-month-old twins Alexander and Ella — but somehow we’re not buying that from the notorious jokester. (We can’t imagine his badass lawyer wife Amal Clooney would let him off that easy.) Still, it sounds like the babies’ first foray into solid food has left George Clooney a little queasy.

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“…[W]e introduced the children to solid food on Friday. How that goes in as a carrot and how that comes out the way it comes out is shocking,” Clooney said, prompting big laughs from Kimmel.

Clooney may be a tequila tycoon — having sold his liquor business for a cool billion — but he’s as nervous a first-time parent as anyone else. “Listen, I’m scared to death. It’s terrifying,” he confessed to Kimmel. “You’re afraid of breaking them. They’re so little.”

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True story! Clooney then offered to have his “manny” bring out the babies for the audience to see. Said manny was instantly recognizable to Kimmel — and the studio audience — as Kimmel’s longtime frenemy Matt Damon, who stepped onstage pushing a twin stroller and laden with diaper-bag regalia.

Kimmel feigned irritation that Damon had set foot on his stage, and the two got into their usual hilarious antagonistic banter.

The faux fight ended with Damon offering to show everyone “the twins” and then whipping out two middle fingers named “Screw” and “You.” Fear not: Actual Clooney babies were safe at home with Mama Amal, far away from the fray of celebrity man-posturing.

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