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4-Year-Old Pleads With Mom to Postpone Giving Birth — & Goes Viral

Yes, he knows his mama is about to have a baby. But he needs her, people. That baby sister stuff can wait.

Bryce Wilson has had it with the hospital that’s holding his mom hostage. He gets it. There’s a sibling on the way. But he’s not sure his mom gets it. He needs her the most. Watch Bryce plead his case in the most adorable, plaintive, heart-tugging way in this video his mother posted to Instagram.

“We need you. We need you to stay alive and we don’t want nothing to happen to you,” he tells his mother, who goes by the name “Glow” on Instagram. “We need you because we need our mama. We need you.”

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Though his mom reassures him she’s fine and just has to be in the hospital for awhile for the baby, Bryce thinks there’s got to be another way.

“But you have your daddy and your brothers,” his mom reassures him.

“I don’t need no brothers and no dad. I need you!” Bryce says in no uncertain terms.

Commenters fell in love with Bryce, as did we.

“Such an adorable and handsome little man!! you did a great job, he needs you and we need more little boys and mothers like you in this world, who teach and share.”

“I love this video! It brings me so much joy. Nothing like his Mami! Forget everyone else… they’re irrelevant!”

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Bryce’s sister arrived safely, according to his mom’s Instagram, and everyone was soon reunited. Mom even posted a shot of Bryce doing his “yogurt” cross-legged on the floor, presumably trying to keep his cool in the middle of his growing family.

This kid! We are melting. Bryce’s mom also posted a video of him thanking everyone who’s helped to make him an internet sensation.

“Thank you for my mom. I love her so much,” Bryce starts in before thanking the world in the 4-year-old version of an Academy Award acceptance speech. You’re welcome, Bryce, but we didn’t really do anything except witness your cuteness. We’re going to go do some “yogurt” now to settle down.

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