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Bill Murray Pitches in to Help a Couple Announce Pregnancy at a Cubs Game

When Robbie and Kirsten Schloss figured out that none other than Bill Murray was seated behind them at a Chicago Cubs playoff game, they got bold and asked the iconic actor if he’d lend them a hand with sharing some big pregnancy news with their parents.

Murray agreed — and the result is one of the best pregnancy announcements we’ve ever seen. Robbie shared video of the moment this week on Instagram.

“Hey, I got news for you. You’re gonna be grandparents,” says Murray, while the couple grins delightedly. Robbie adds in first-time proud-papa style, “We’re having a baby!” The couple is due mid-April 2018.

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Are you having a Groundhog Day moment? Perhaps that’s because this is not the first time Murray has been part of his fans’ big life moments. In 2014, the actor thrilled the revelers at a bachelor party when he stopped in and gave an impromptu speech about finding the one. Soon thereafter, he photobombed an engagement session (not that anyone minded — isn’t the best thing about Bill Murray sightings the fact that everyone is always happy to see him?).

How did Robbie and Kirsten and Bill’s pregnancy announcement go over with the folks? Robbie talked about the excitement in a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page. He said that the recording made his parents cry and that he and Bill “talked casually during the game and he playfully switched glasses with Kirsten for a minute since his shades make the entire stadium turn blue… After the Cubs win I told Bill I needed him to make our pregnancy announcement. Kirsten struggled with fertility so we decided not to make it public at first but this was too fun to pass up.” 

You bet it was too fun. We’re really glad the couple went public with the adorable announcement — and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the happy day when we finally get our own life moment with Bill Murray.

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