Audrey Roloff Baby-Shamed Again — for the Craziest Reason Yet

What did Audrey Roloff — or her baby — ever do to you, cranky internet shamers?

Little People, Big World‘s Roloff and her husband Jeremy are exhausted first-time-around parents to newborn Ember, who arrived on Sept. 10. Like most exhausted first-time-around parents, the Roloffs — especially Audrey, unsurprisingly — are on the receiving end of much unwanted advice. But unlike most first-time parents, they’re getting much of that unwanted advice all over the damn internet. And most of it is just plain mean-spirited to boot.

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Audrey Roloff posted a seriously darling photo of Ember on Facebook on Friday, writing, “Baby girls got a furry friend and it’s not Pine;).” In the shot, baby Ember’s chilling on a plush cream blankie rocking a onesie emblazoned with the caption, “Always more milk.” The infant is also sporting a pair of cocoa-colored leggings and a pink headband while she tugs on a furry fox buddy. Super-sweetness, right?
But because the world is a horrible place, commenters instantly flooded Roloff’s Facebook feed with nasty remarks about her fashion choices for Ember. Because these days, no child-size leggings go unshamed on the internet. Behold this selection representing the horribleness of humanity.

“She cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights. Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The one(s)ie needs help!”

“How her mother dresses her. What happened to cute little dresses… not ugly coloured leggings. Lol.”

“Don’t like the outf[i]t makes her look like a little old lady sorry.”

“Please, is Audrey trying to turn her baby into a MINI MODEL already?!?!”

“She must be cold in a onesie…nothing on her sleeves.”

The poor Roloffs just can’t win. Audrey Roloff has already been shamed for her totally innocuous baby bump maternity photos, which was also baffling. “I love this family but I think it is a disgrace to show your body to all the openion [sic]. It should be for your husbands eyes onlyI am so sick of you showing your belly. We all know you are with child. It would be nice to see a picture of you some time not your belly or your hand underneath your belly to shoew [sic] that you are pregnant.”

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Attention momapreneurs… how do you do it?! I think the thing I am most nervous for post labor/delivery is learning to balance being a mom while running my businesses. I know that my priorities will need to take a shift, and I know that I won't be able to give as much as I once could to @beating50 and @shopalwaysmore barre3, and writing, but I want to find that sweet spot. I'm trying so hard to plan and get organized so that I can take some kind of a "maternity leave" but I feel a little lost… if you're a mom that works from home, runs your own shop, or started your own business, I would love to hear your advice! Also, if you follow any rad momapreneurs out there, tag them in the comments! Pc: @jeremyroloff 💗#momapreneur #shopalwaysmore #alwaysmoredevotionals #beating50percent #morethanoils #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj #alwaymore

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Fortunately, sane, kind, non-mommy-shaming humans do still exist. Many leaped into the fray to defend Roloff and Ember:

“I think she is adorable. I love the outfit. And as for those being negative, go ahead and post a photo of your self in the comments so we can be negative and pick you apart please. Oh wait… you wouldn’t like that… maybe you should think twice before being so negative towards others. Shame on you.”

“Some people find something wrong with everything!! You’re precious baby looks adorable. I have a niece who is 3 months old and I love the clothes they have today. Their little outfits are darling. Please don’t let the negative comments bring you down. Wishing the three of you a world of happiness as you watch your sweet baby grow. (They grow so fast!)”

Thank you, kind people. We’ve had it up to here with people showering parents with internet hate. Back it up, trolls. Your hateful opinions are not welcome here. Besides, there’s literally nothing that any baby could wear that would be ugly. Because they’re babies, you guys.

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