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Seth Rogen’s Mom Is All 2017 Moms: She Tracked Him Down on Twitter

How do we love Seth Rogen’s mom, Sandy? Let us count the ways. And the tweets.

In case you didn’t know, Seth Rogen’s mother, a social worker in Canada, is freaking hilarious — in the best cringe-y sort of mom way. On a good day, she’s all over Twitter saying the kind of deep-thoughts stuff so many middle-aged moms aspire to: “There is nothing like new windshield wipers?” and “What is a Brazilian wax called in Brazil?”

US Weekly reports that Rogen talked about his mom’s candor back in 2012 in an interview. “My mom… talks about sex way too much! She will literally post on her Facebook about pap smears she has just got.” We feel your pain, Seth.

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Sandy has also skeeved out her offspring — Seth and his sister Danya — with a tweet meditation about, uh, her relations: “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga,” Sandy told all of Twitter, all of whom pretty much died laughing at Rogen’s retweet and response: “Jesus fucking Christ mom.” His sis Danya reported that she “actually gagged.”

Oh, and in case you’re still not convinced that Sandy is one special internet mom: She has also commended Rogen’s joint-rolling on Twitter.

Most recently, Sandy hit up Twitter this week because Rogen, in true millennial son fashion, wasn’t responding to her calls. So, naturally, she put out a social media APB (“@sethrogen where are you?”), which Rogen retweeted along with the caption, “When you don’t answer your mom’s phone calls for a day.”

Followers, including the official Twitter account, asked Sandy, “Did you find him?” Some had suggestions for keeping tabs on her slippery son.

Others couldn’t resist ribbing Rogen.

Sandy, we’re betting that Seth will behave much better now that you’ve called him out in front of millions on Twitter for not returning your calls. Seth, we’ve got our eyes on you. Be a good boy and call your mother!

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