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Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Janet Jackson Dance Was Interrupted By the Cutest Crasher

Don’t you just hate it when you’re rehearsing your dance routine for Janet Jackson’s Hollywood Bowl concert and your kid grabs onto your legs so you totally can’t do that super-fly move?

Yeah, us too. World of Dance host Jenna Dewan Tatum was rehearsing for Sunday’s Hollywood Bowl concert when Everly, her daughter with Channing Tatum, decided she wanted her mom. Nothing, not even totally lit hip-hop, was going to keep this 4-year-old away. Dewan Tatum posted an adorable clip on Instagram of herself trying to keep dancing while Everly clings to her and makes an impressive if vague noise.

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mom life last night♥️

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The same thing — the interruption, the clinging, the wailing — has happened to so many of us. Except, you know, in the supermarket, which is really close to a Janet Jackson concert rehearsal. Almost the same, really.

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Interruptions aside, Dewan Tatum was thrilled to be working with Janet Jackson again. She shared another Instagram post about the big event. “Generations of Janet kids brought together…! Dancing for her was always way more than a job, it was being part of a legacy. I have been pinching myself all day being in a room years later dancing with these legends…”

Everly’s meh reaction to her mom’s dance rehearsal is pretty much standard for her, it seems. Channing Tatum told Jimmy Kimmel in August that Everly is less of a dance lover than both of her parents. He talked to Kimmel about letting Everly finally see Step Up, the dance film during which he and Dewan Tatum met. “We actually showed [Everly] Step Up for the first time. We were like, ‘This is really cool! It’s got dancing. She’s going to love it!’ Within 10 seconds, she was like, ‘Can I watch a real movie? I don’t know, like a good one?’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? This is a real movie! This is such a real movie! They made like seven more of these! You will watch it! Sit down!'”

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We’re wondering if Everly will give a hard pass on dance lessons and hold out for soccer or softball instead. Or maybe singing? Based on the recent video evidence, she sure has the lungs for it.

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