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Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve passed a well-dressed child on the street and said to myself, “I wish they made that in my size!” There was the perfect white boho dress spotted on a baby in a stroller in Central Park. There was the toddler who sauntered into a crowded restaurant in glitter Teva sandals. I repeat: glitter. Teva. Sandals. And don’t even get me started on the children’s clothing section at Target. If you could bury me under a pile of T-shirts with cutesy sayings, I’d be a happy gal.

And I know I’m not alone; there’s no shortage of cute baby clothing and accessories on the market that plenty of adults wish we could wear ourselves. Below are 10 of my recent favorites so you can shop them for the kids in your life — and copy them for yourself whenever you finally learn how to sew.

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Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Trendy Bunny Jumpsuit
Image: The Trendy Bunny

OK, I’ll admit it: I have a jumpsuit problem. In my defense, when the option is either “put together an entire outfit” or “slip on a one-piece and call it a day,” it’s pretty clear which one wins. That’s why I’m feeling this chic fall floral romper. Sure, they’re selling it as a summer piece, but I see that golden color, all I can think of is autumn.

Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Grounded Company Backpack
Image: Grounded Company

Toddlers may not be in actual school yet, but that didn’t stop Grounded Company from making a really cute backpack for teeny-tiny tots. With ocean-inspired hand-drawn watercolor prints and a bottom crafted from 100 percent vegan leather, this is a backpack I’d be thrilled to carry despite the fact that I haven’t been on a school bus in almost 15 years.

I discovered Aussie brand Yoli & Otis on Instagram (where else?), and suffice it to say, if I were about 200 pounds lighter and 5 feet shorter, I’d be all up in that online cart. This white cotton jumpsuit has that perfectly bohemian, just-stepped-out-of-a-1970s-daydream kind of feel, and I am into it.

Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Gap Glitter High Tops
Image: Gap

It’s my experience that when it comes to shoes, designers save the good stuff for the littlest ones. Like these glittery high-tops from Gap. I know so many people who could rock these, and guess what? Those people aren’t (all) under the age of 3.

Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Hanna Andersson Dress
Image: Hanna Andersson

I’ve never understood why kids get to have all the fun when getting dressed each morning. Case in point: This heart-print reversible sweatshirt dress from Hanna Andersson. It’s just the right balance of whimsical and stylish and would look amazing with a pair of black tights and booties. Hanna, if you’re reading this, please make this for grown-ups.

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Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Nununu Sweatshirt
Image: Nununu

I have yet to reach peak coolness, but I’m convinced this philosophically cheeky sweatshirt would get me there. Also, bonus points for the unisex style and for having a unisex section on the site. Many kids’ retailers are still sadly hanging onto the whole “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” way of doing things; this site is ahead of the curve.

Speaking of sweats, one of my favorite fashion trends of the past few years has been the emergence of “athleisure,” aka official permission to wear sweatpants out in the world. Thankfully, the sweatpants of which I speak aren’t your momma’s (at least, I hope they’re not my momma’s sweatpants, which are always of the ankle-scrunched variety). These star-printed harem sweats are the perfect example of chic, casual dressing, and they are calling my name.

Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: JCrew Glitter Cat Ears
Image: J.Crew

I’m sure there’s an age at which I was meant to have grown out of the tendency to don cat ears on Halloween, but I’ve yet to reach it, and I’m 31. That’s why I’m all over these glittery cat ears from J.Crew, which, like Gap, seems to think that only children want to wear glittery things. Come on!

With fall here, I’m also hunting for cute beanies to keep the noggin warm, and this camo slouchy version fits the bill big time. So what if it’s made for heads half the size of mine? A girl can dream.

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Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves: Cream Bear Sweatshirt
Image: The Animals Observatory

I follow a few “high-fashion babies” (yep, it’s a thing) on Instagram, and recently spotted one of them wearing an adorable sweatshirt from The Animals Observatory. I followed the tag to their site and found the perfect cozy, cream-colored sweatshirt — 10 sizes too small, but who’s counting?

Baby Clothes We Wish We Could Wear Ourselves
Image: Getty Images, The Trendy Bunny, Grounded Company, Gap, Hanna Andersson, J.Crew/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

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