Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Posts Baby Bump — & Anti-Abortion Stance — on Instagram

Oct 3, 2017 at 1:53 p.m. ET
Image: D. Dipasupil /Getty Images

Newlyweds Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth are fueling quite the Instagram firestorm this week. Yesterday, pregnant Duggar Forsyth posted a slideshow that started innocuously enough: with a baby-bump pic. "It's already about the size of a bell pepper and weighs around half a pound!!" she wrote of her soon-to-be baby. Adorable! Hooray! Congrats! Right?


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Well, if you click through said slideshow, you'll see that Duggar Forsyth has also tacked on an "ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN" protest pic as well as a "Life offers no guarantees but abortion offers no chances" wrinkled-baby-feet poster. Right. Because nothing tells your first child "We're so happy about your impending arrival" like an Instagram post that's all, "you'd better be grateful we didn't abort you."

Predictably, all hell broke lose in the comments thread. Fans and haters alike had plenty to say about the arbitrary anti-abortion addition. And some of them made a lot of sense.

"I love Joy and Austin...but whether or not a woman decides to abort is HER choice. Circumstances vary for every pregnancy. You have every right to your own beliefs but don't judge and condemn others for theirs."

"Just like the Duggars will never believe in birth control or treating the trans community with respect."

"I am not for abortion or against it. I think that if you become sexual[ly] active you should [bear] the consequences of it. But I understand and accept it when it happened out of a woman's control like rape. If that makes me a horrible person... then I guess I am one."

"Sitting or standing on a public street corner and holding a sign saying abortion KILLs babies makes children ask a lot of questions. Questions families might not be ready to answer yet."

"Duggars...get free money to pop out babies [and] then judge the rest of the world."

"Abortion is a serious matter, not to ever be taken lightly, but! It is up to every woman to decide. And all children being born should be wanted, loved and well taken care of."

We're not really surprised by the couple's approach to bump-sharing. After all, their Instagram fans received first word of the baby on the way via this wordy, Bible-quoting, anti-abortion post on Aug. 30.


Commenters who didn't feel like engaging in a debate on a woman's right to choose opted to question the timing of Duggar Forsyth's baby instead (since premarital sex is a major no-no for anyone with the Duggar last name). One wrote, "I will believe Joy didn't have sex before marriage if she gives birth exactly 22 weeks after this post. And if it's way before and a big baby we will know."

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Well, an anti-abortion baby bump slideshow is definitely as Duggar as you can get. Couldn't you have just shared that cute belly pic and left it at that, J-A?