Macklemore & His Wife Are Having Another Baby

In case you missed it, Macklemore has a wife and a kid — and now, another kid on the way. Are you surprised too? Because apparently this musician and rapper is a big old domestic softie, not the moped-speeding, faux-fur-wearing, thrift-shopping bachelor badass we had him pegged for.

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Macklemore (aka Ben Haggerty) and his wife, Tricia Davis, already have a daughter, Sloane Ava Simone, who is 2. On Sept. 28, Macklemore shared Davis’ pregnancy news with his Instagram fans — all 4 million of them, no biggie. Check out the awesome video (and sex-reveal fake out):

The super-sweet post is captioned, “Seattle… Second time’s the charm. (and yes, both announcements are true.)”

“Tricia is pregnant, and today we are going to find out the gender of our child,” he says in the video as he — surrounded by Tricia, Sloane and family — cuts into a half-blue, half-pink cake. The joke’s on us, since his big “sex reveal” announcement turns out to be, “We’re having… a second night at KeyArena!” as everyone around him cracks up. We would totally be down with having Thanksgiving dinner with Macklemore’s family. Call us?

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Macklemore was quiet on the topic of Sloane’s arrival in 2015, only telling people two months after the fact when he and trusty collaborator Ryan Lewis released “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song).” Macklemore and Davis got hitched a month after Sloane’s birth, and the rapper was happy to share that news with the internet: “Got married on June 27th once the Supreme Court ruled same sex couples could too.”

Macklemore has been an outspoken ally and advocate for gay rights; in fact, he’s set to perform his LGBTQ anthem “Same Love” in Australia on Sunday at the National Rugby League grand final — but some conservative Aussies, including the prime minister, are trying to stop that from happening. He’s got plenty of supporters in Oz, though, so we’d be surprised if anything got in the way of Macklemore sharing his “Same Love” message.

Seriously, what is not to love about this guy and his fam? Team Macklemore all the way.