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Need Dating Advice? These Kids Have Some Hilarious Ideas

Dating got you down? Yeah, you and most of the world. It’s rough out there. So we rounded up some cute kids and asked them for their take on dating. Because why not?

One little guy needed some clarification first, though. “What’s a date?” he asked. “A date that you eat?” Sure, buddy.

Others knew exactly what dating was all about, or at least a flip-flopped version of it. “When people fall in love, so they go out together,” says one kid. Well, that would be super-romantic, but usually the falling in love part comes later. Otherwise, rom-coms would be pretty dull.

As for proper dating attire, these kids had all kinds of suggestions — some more appropriate than others. “A tuxedo,” advises one high roller.

“A Speedo,” suggests one creative kid.

“A pretty dress,” says another.

A tuxedo, a Speedo, a pretty dress, sure! (Why does this sound like rejected lyrics from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” though?)

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If you’re not sure where to take your date, our pint-size experts decided the top two locations would be a concert or a picnic “at night.” A nighttime picnic sounds pretty romantic — or maybe scary? Guess it depends on where you picnic. The kids also thought “the best date of all would be a birthday party.”

As an added bonus, the kids showed off their best flirting techniques, including proper (somewhat creepy) starry-eyed gazing for unrequited love situations. One child said firmly, “I would keep eyeing them” until their intended target came to their senses and fell for them right back.

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The interviewer asked what the best move is if the one you love hasn’t texted or called after a date. The kids’ advice was spot on, in the best ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that way. “You should move on. Move on!”

Truth bomb out of the mouths of babes. Thanks, kids.

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