Kris & Kylie Jenner Might Be Launching a Maternity Line

As if we weren’t already having trouble keeping up with Kardashian pregnancies, scandals and fashion lines, Kris and Kylie Jenner are now reportedly working on a maternity line together. The news comes a week after the internet-breaking scoop that Kylie is reportedly pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott.

According to The Sun, Kris may be cashing in on her daughter’s pregnancy with a new maternity line geared toward younger moms. Kris has reportedly already begun setting up meetings with business heads to discuss the venture, and if it does come to fruition, the business would add to her already profitable stock. Kylie’s makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, raked in $420 million in the past 18 months alone according to Women’s Wear Daily.

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“Kris is so happy for Kylie. Not only will she be a grandma again, but it’s a whole new set of business opportunities for her,” a source told The Sun. “She’s thinking maternity fashion for younger mums, and she’s already offering to set up meetings. If Kylie embraced the young mummy market, she could take it over.”

Since finding out about her pregnancy, Kylie has reportedly been leaning on her mom and older sister Kim Kardashian West for support. According to Us Weekly, the three had a long discussion about Kylie’s options before moving forward with the pregnancy. “Kris is so supportive and she knew this was a Kylie decision,” a source told Us Weekly. “They all wanted Kylie to make the decision for herself and to understand this is what it looks like, this is how your life will change, and Kylie gets that.”

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Kylie’s other parent, Caitlyn Jenner, is also supportive of her daughter’s choices, though she reportedly worries that now isn’t the best time for Kylie to become a mom. “Caitlyn is supportive of her daughter, of course, but she doesn’t necessarily think this is the right time for Kylie,” another insider told Us Weekly. “She has a hugely successful business and Caitlyn doesn’t want to see that taken away from her.”

At this point, Kylie’s maternity line, her parents’ opinions and even her pregnancy are all just rumors — so you should take this news with a pretty big grain of salt. Still, if Kylie is able to corner the maternity market, it’ll be further proof of her brand’s resonance and her business acumen (and Kris Jenner’s too, obvs).

Originally published on Stylecaster.