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Model Tess Holliday Says ‘Body Fluids’ Are the Worst Thing About Motherhood

Tess Holliday — body-positive activist, model and author of the new book The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl — isn’t shy to talk about anything, including the greatest and grossest parts of motherhood.

Holliday is a mom to two sons, Rylee, 11, and Bowie, who’s 15 months old. When asked in a recent People interview about the best and worst things about motherhood, Holliday cited her kids’ smiles as the best thing — and all the icky bodily fluids involved as the worst. We’re not about to disagree. Watch her delightfully candid video below.

Holliday gushed that the high point of parenting is “when they smile… that joy it brings you, it’s incredible.” The bodily fluids, well, she can’t even. “The worst… even when they get older, it’s just so much!” Truth.

But Holliday’s not mad — not even a little. Aside from needing “to sleep more,” Holliday said in the interview, “I am incredibly grateful to have the life and stability that I have.”

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Holliday is an open book on most topics, including sex. On Tuesday, on Instagram, she posted a stunner shot of herself wearing fabulous lingerie, snapped by photographer Anastasia Garcia. Holliday captioned the photo, “When I saw [the photos by Garcia], & how hot (& obviously unretouched) they are, I was reminded of a ‘Tess Holliday’s Advice for Life’ that are all throughout my book,” she wrote in the caption. “It goes: ‘Fat people have sex. A lot of it. And it’s really fucking good.’ That’s all.”

Holliday created the popular Instagram account @EffYourBeautyStandards, which celebrates women of all sizes and shapes. The feed has over 363,000 adoring followers and features real people with real curves as well as body-positive messages from Holliday.

Holliday also has a personal Instagram account full of unapologetically sexy selfies and shots of her husband, Nick, and her sons.

Holliday posted a super-cute video to Instagram a few days ago of her younger son, Bowie, climbing all over her suitcase as she prepares to leave Long Beach, California. “You don’t want Mommy to go?” she asks him, and he grins, and it’s the cutest. (We wouldn’t want her to go, either, Bowie.) This is one woman we can always count on to keep it real — and maybe even change the world while she’s at it.

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