Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins' Toddler Is Our New Favorite Hairstylist

Sep 20, 2017 at 4:45 p.m. ET
Image: Jason Davis/Getty Images

Lauren Akins — wife of country music singer Thomas Rhett — had a little fun with her Instagram followers, informing them that her new shorter hairstyle was the handiwork of the couple's almost-2-year-old daughter, Willa Gray.


“Willa Gray got into my scissors this morning," Akins captioned a shot of herself holding her toddler, who's clutching a chopped-off blonde ponytail — and a lollipop. But in case any toddlers reading this are getting excited about replicating these results, sorry. Akins was just joking. "Haha jk. We just had a day date at @thedryhousenashville and Ali chopped over a FOOT off my hair #mamaneededlesshair #ifeelfreeeeeee," Akins added. She plans to donate her lopped locks to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign, which crafts real-hair wigs for women who are battling cancer and struggling with hair loss.

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The Nashville salon, Dry House, also posted shots of Akins' hair transformation in a very sweet montage on their Instagram feed.


We love the new look and the reason behind it — and we're only slightly disappointed it's not actually Willa's handiwork (what a prodigy she would be!). Frankly, we're pretty amazed that Akins found time to get her hair cut at all. She and Rhett are still adjusting to family life with not one, but two new daughters. In May, they adopted Willa Gray from Uganda, and on Aug. 12, Ada James was born. Meanwhile, Rhett's been working overtime with a promo schedule, so the official family motto (according to Rhett in an interview with People) is currently "Take it one day at a time."

Akins even managed to take both daughters to one of Rhett's concerts — and surprised him by leading both girls onstage, much to the delight of the audience. (Honestly, can more stars bring their kids onstage during shows? No?)

Just a few days ago, Akins posted a family photo on Instagram, and her caption said it all: "our happy (& tired, but mostly happy) little family (puppies not pictured but they're happy too)."


Rhett said, "It's not like there ever is a perfect time to have kids, or a perfect time to put out a record. We just happen to be doing both at the exact same time!" Ah, country music. Who knew it inspired such multitasking?