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Update: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidentally Spilled That His Wife’s Having a Girl

Updated September 25, 2017, 12:30 p.m. ET: It was a big weekend for Walking Dead star and soon-to-be papa Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who accidentally let it slip — in front of an entire Supernatural convention crowd, no less — that his wife, Hilarie Burton, is about to have a daughter. He then quickly ‘fessed up for real on Instagram, thanking the mystery photographer who captured his classic sheepish face.

Original story:

Yes, we know Negan on The Walking Dead is really freaking scary. But in real life, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is total dad material (more Denny from Grey’s Anatomy than Negan). He and his longtime love Hilarie Burton (of One Tree Hill) have a 7-year-old son, Augustus — and after last night’s unexpected reveal at the 2017 Emmy Awards, we now know for certain they have another baby on the way.

It was a big Emmy night for baby news: Atlanta’s Donald Glover gave a shoutout to his unborn son during his acceptance speech and Negan — er, Morgan — strolled casually into the Emmys with a very pregnant Burton. Double whammy baby surprise awards show!

Although Burton and Morgan didn’t share much about the news, Burton’s former co-star Barbara Alyn Woods spilled to Us Weekly that she spoke with Morgan at the Emmys and he confirmed the pregnancy (in case Burton’s belly didn’t).

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Burton and Morgan have been together since 2009, and although they don’t spill much about their personal lives, Burton chatted a bit about her family with the Associated Press way back in 2010. “[We’re] really happy, and we’re a very good team,” she said. “And we got very lucky that our family is what it is.” Declining to say more, she explained, “I want to protect them like a mama wolf should.” Admirable.

This “mama wolf” also posted a very sweet shot on Instagram mid-gardening with her son.

And some visual dad-material proof: an adorable shot of Morgan with Augustus, posted to his Instagram account in August.

Additional weird fun fact should you find yourself playing any celebrity trivia game: Burton and Morgan are the co-owners of a candy shop in Rhinebeck, New York — along with Paul Rudd. Just a couple of guys making candy. How cliché.

This story was originally published on September 18, 2017 and was updated on September 25, 2017.

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