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Prince William Is Low-Key About Security Breach at George’s School

We have to hand it to Prince William. After a lifetime in the public eye, the heir to the throne of England has definitely mastered the British art of the stiff upper lip.

“It’s been an interesting week,” Prince William said in typically understated fashion when asked about Wednesday’s break-in attempt at Thomas’s Battersea, William and the former Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of school for little Prince George. George started school on Sept. 7, but was not on-site when the break-in occurred.

According to People, Prince William spoke about the incident on Thursday on a royal visit to the Aintree University Hospital of Liverpool. The Kensington Palace Instagram account released a photo of Prince William chatting with Aintree patients. He acknowledged that not every Thomas’s Battersea parent took the break-in news well.

“Most of the parents were in floods of tears,” he said to hospital patients. “The kids were all fine.” Kids — always amazing us with their levels of chill.

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Metropolitan Police of London revealed in a release that a 40-year-old woman was indeed arrested for breaking into the school.

“The woman was arrested in the vicinity of the school and has been taken to a south London police station where she remains in custody,” the police stated. “We are working with the school, which is attended by His Royal Highness Prince George, to review its security arrangements after the incident.”

But Prince William remained unfazed about the breach of security, choosing to chat with patients instead about George’s good attitude about starting his education.

“We are all seeing how long that lasts before he doesn’t want to go! George has been really easy,” William told patients. “He hasn’t said, ‘Have I got to do this for the rest of my life?’”

The hospital patients were clearly delighted to speak with the prince about his children according to People‘s account. One patient, Teresa Jones, took the opportunity to compliment William on George and Charlotte. The prince was quick to joke, “George rules the roost but Charlotte isn’t far behind!” and remarked to another patient that Charlotte will be “trouble when she’s older.”

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We pledge allegiance to Prince William, the coolest — and most laid-back — royal dad ever. And we’re hoping Thomas’s Battersea will tighten security at the school so nothing like this will happen again.

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