Kate Hudson Says Her C-Section Was ‘Lazy’

Sep 13, 2017 at 11:42 a.m. ET
Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Oh, girl. Kate, we expected so much better of you — you and your Fabletics and your chic buzz cut.

Kate Hudson is in the hot seat after referring to her first birth, a C-section, as the "laziest" thing she has ever done. The actor has two (adorable) sons: Ryder, 13, with Chris Robinson and Bingham, 6, with Matt Bellamy. Ryder was born via C-section; Bingham was a vaginal birth.

How did this comment even come about? Hudson is the cover star in October's issue of Cosmopolitan, and part of the feature story was a survey she completed. Most of the questions — and her answers — were adorably innocuous. But Hudson took a seriously wrong turn when she put "C-section" and "lazy" in the same sentence.

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As you can probably imagine, Twitter and Instagram both lit up like Rome burning to the ground. One Instagram commenter wrote on Hudson's feed, "your comment about c-sections was very ignorant. I had a c-section, not because I was 'lazy' but because after 17 hours of labor I had placenta previa and was rushed into the ER as life saving measures."

Over on Twitter, things weren't any better for Hudson.




That wasn't all — not by a long shot.

“Maybe if us c section moms [weren't] made to feel like shit and less than moms for not giving birth vaginally, we could all just laugh this off as a bad joke," one mother wrote.

“I’ve had 3 C-sections. And it’s by far not the ‘laziest thing I’ve ever done.’ Come on @katehudson you must’ve known you were gonna get hate on for that answer. It’s nice to know what you think of the majority of women who gave birth that way,” wrote another. You get the picture.

Poor Kate. We all make mistakes and say dumb shit every once in awhile, and it's tough being in the public eye where all that dumb shit is so very visible to the world all the time. But, sadly, it appears Hudson has yet to issue any public apology or statement in response to said dumb shit. So, dear Kate, you might want to get on that ASAP — since that insensitive comment doesn't look like it's going to blow over anytime soon.

There were much more relatable survey answers from Hudson, though. The last photo she took on her phone was pic of her son's bee sting, and in an ideal world she would pick former co-star Liv Tyler to be her roommate. (If she had to have a roommate. Which she doesn't. Because she's rich and famous — and sometimes tone-deaf. But we sure do love her hair.)