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No Playing Favorites: Prince George Won’t Be Permitted to Have a Best Friend at School

No best friends allowed. That’s actual policy at Thomas’s Battersea in London — the school little Prince George, 4, is now attending.

Last week, the tiny heir to the British throne was pretty much the cutest thing on the planet as he held his dad’s hand on the first day of school. (Seriously, that blue uniform did us in — thank you, Kensington Palace, for sharing pictures.) But we all got a little melancholy today when we found out that Thomas’s puts the kibosh on students making any special, singular friend.

Jane Moore, a Sun journalist who lives near Thomas’s Battersea and has friends whose kids go there, explained to British network ITV last week that the school wants its students to befriend each other equally. Which is all well and good — just not necessarily how kids actually operate.

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Moore explained to other panelists on the show, Loose Women: “There are signs everywhere saying ‘be kind’ — that’s the ethos of the school. They don’t encourage you to have best friends.”

Again, it’s a noble sentiment. But best friends can prove difficult to discourage. What if Prince George happens to find a special buddy who really gets him? Someone who lets him privately trash-talk his annoying little sister Charlotte in the finger-painting corner and keeps all his tiny royal secrets?

Prince George will go by “George Cambridge” at the school (no one will ever guess who he is with such a sly alias!), and like any other student, must follow school rules. That means those pertaining to best friends as well as those regarding birthday party — and, we assume, tea party — invites.

Moore said, “There’s a policy that if your child is having a party, unless every child is invited, you don’t give out the invites in class. I think [it] is quite a good thing, as you don’t feel excluded.”

Fair enough. Is Thomas’s Battersea onto something here? Of course we’re all for kids learning to be kind to everyone. It’s just hard not to love the idea of George bonding with a commoner bestie outside the Kensington Palace walls. A royal nanny just doesn’t cut it as BFF material, you know?

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