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Kate Hudson & Son Ryder Are Serious Hair Twins

Cutest mother-son pic of the week? That’s got to be Kate Hudson and Ryder Robinson (her son with Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson). Hudson posted a photo on Instagram of the two of them rocking matching buzz cuts (oh, yes!). Ryder’s got one arm slung around his mom’s shoulders in the picture (which Hudson simply captioned with a heart).

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But what’s with the buzz cuts? We can’t speak for Ryder, but we know that Hudson chopped her blond locks sometime in late July for her role in the upcoming film Sister. The movie, which is written and directed by singer/songwriter Sia (yes, that Sia) — also stars Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler, who often appears in Sia’s music videos. Remember Sia’s eerie mini-me in “Chandelier”?

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Clearly Hudson and Ziegler hit it off during filming, as Hudson also shared a sweet pic of them taking a break to sneak a peek (with proper eyewear, chill) at the eclipse on Aug. 21. Ziegler also shared the same photo — because pics or the eclipse never happened, right?

Hudson hasn’t been flaunting the buzz cut that much, possibly to keep it on the down-low before the film is released. She seems to be defaulting to wigs or her usual hipster fedoras when out and about. But honestly, we think the buzzed look really suits her; after all, she’s Kate Hudson, and she can rock anything. And if this photo is any indication, Ryder 100 percent inherited the rock-anything gene.

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