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Miami Mom Gives Birth Alone During Hurricane Irma & Names Baby Perfectly

Amid the chaos and rampant destruction of Hurricane Irma, one amazing Miami woman managed to deliver her own baby at home — while on the phone with paramedics who talked her through the steps.

Hurricane Irma, which tore into the U.S. as people are still recovering from the devastation of Harvey, didn’t bring many happy events. But this birth story is undeniably beautiful.

Hurricane Irma’s punishing gusts of wind and rain thwarted paramedics and rescuers, who were unable to attend to the torrent of emergency calls. One mom in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood — who found herself in all-out labor mid-storm — had no choice but to take matters into her own hands.

Eloy Garcia, assistant chief and fire marshal of Miami’s Department of Fire-Rescue, told the Miami Herald, “We weren’t able to respond. So she delivered the placenta, also. Dispatch told her how to tie it off. She’s stable at home.”

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Garcia continued, “We made contact with the assistant medical director here. Talked things through.”

Amazing teamwork in the middle of a hurricane resulted in a healthy baby girl being born. (After delivering her placenta, the mother even cut her own umbilical cord. She has our vote for most badass new mom of the year.)

The mom and her new daughter were rushed to a local hospital as soon as roads were safe, and the Miami-Dade police department sweetly tweeted a photo of the VIP transport.

We could not love the newborn’s name more: Nayiri Storm. (Not quite as sinister-sounding as Nayiri Irma). We salute Nayiri and her amazing mom — talk about grace under pressure. Take that, Irma.

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