Mom Who Had 3 Babies in Span of 11 Months Shares Pic of Postpartum Belly

Sep 8, 2017 at 1:29 p.m. ET
Image: R. Viner/Getty Images

Many of us know a mom who's had two kids close together, but Eliza Curby of Sydney, Australia, managed a particularly amazing feat: She's had three babies within the span of 11 months. And she doesn't mind one bit if her body tells the story.

Curby told the Daily Mail that she had blindly bought into the whole myth of not being able to conceive while you're breastfeeding. She was nursing her newborn daughter, Charlie, in early 2016 when — oops — she conceived identical twin boys. Talk about a big surprise.

“Breast-feeding doesn’t do shit. This pregnancy happened,” she laughed.


And so, in less than a year, Curby found herself the mother of three (Wolfe and Jack arrived on Christmas Eve 2016). “I do feel like I have triplets — Irish triplets!” Curby said. “So far Charlie thinks they are pretty fab. Her hobbies include head-butting them in an attempt to ‘give them a kiss,’ trying to poke their eyes out, sticking her grubby little fingers in their mouths and just generally trying to attack them every time I turn my head.”

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What's a mom of three babies under a year old to do? Well, blog, of course. Curby started Twingenuity, where she documents her chaotic life with great candor and humor. On Sept. 5, Curby got real about her postpartum belly, posting to her Instagram page one of the most honest, beautiful motherhood pictures we've seen.


“Because I’m not embarrassed of the scars my body now carries. Because I’m proud of what my body has done for me. Because many women feel the need to hide it. Because famous women post ‘look at my body just three weeks postpartum’ and portray unrealistic images of what it means to be a mother. Because I feel beautiful in my own skin — even if there’s alottt [sic] of it! Because beauty takes many forms," she captioned the black and white photo.

Commenters — moms, dads and nonparents alike — were clearly moved by her post. One dad wrote, "Beautiful. My wife worries sometimes about her mum-tum; I’ve never found her more attractive than as a mum. Her body is a testament to the miracle that is pregnancy.”

Well, amen. And three (in quicker-than-usual succession, right?) cheers to Eliza Curby for her honest, gorgeous take on loving her postpartum body; it's a message we'll never get tired of hearing.