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Chill Dad John Legend ‘Won’t Be Too Strict’ When Luna Starts Dating

Don’t worry; you didn’t slip into a coma overnight and wake up in a world where Luna Simone Legend has zoomed from 16 months to 16 years old. But her dad, John Legend, is thinking in fast-forward mode these days about how to best guide his daughter in her young adult years — especially when it comes to dating.

Legend told People that he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, will do everything they can to ensure that Luna grows up to be a strong and confident young woman. “We’re going to just try to make her confident and smart and a good leader and kind and loving,” he said. “And we feel like if we give her all the tools she needs, she’ll figure out the right person for her.”

Legend added that he’s convinced Luna will attract good people “if she’s the person she needs to be in life… and she’ll make the right choices.”

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Nice thinking in theory. but maybe prep for some curveballs, John, when Luna actually starts dating and perhaps brings home a few monosyllabic, heavily pierced people to test your “chill dad” attitude.

Confidence is a key trait for success in Legend’s book. His own teen years ran, according to him, pretty smoothly. “Expressing myself musically was the way I started connecting with people. It made me more confident. I knew I could get up on stage and just move people… I was a church boy, good grades, student body president… moms liked me more than their daughters!”

Here’s hoping that Luna’s first date is a bit like the teen version of her dad.

And Legend insists he won’t be an overprotective type of papa. “I’m okay with her making mistakes, too, because that’s part of growing up. I feel like I’ll be patient, and I don’t feel like I’ll be too strict.”

These days, Legend is partnering with Axe to empower teens to reject an ethos of toxic masculinity — all that ugly social behavior that society too often encourages in boys and men, such as aggression, shutting down emotions and hypersexuality.

We love Legend’s take on gender equality. “I don’t like the idea of treating our girls differently than we treat our boys, saying ‘Boys, go out there and have as much sex as you want, do whatever you want’ and then our girls have to be locked in a convent. I don’t believe in that. I just want to equip her to make the best decisions.”

You have one seriously cool dad, Luna — and not just because of his guest-star stint on Sesame Street, either.

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