Scandal‘s Katie Lowes Is Leaving Gender Up to Her Kid

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Well, Scandal actor Katie Lowes and her husband, Adam Shapiro, are definitely expecting a baby — but they don’t know and don’t care about the kid’s gender. And it’s not up to them, anyway.

To be clear, Lowes does know the sex of her baby: “Our son will be born with male parts,” she said in a recent interview with Fit Pregnancy. “But we have no idea what he will identify as or what his sexual orientation will be. I wish, now more than ever, to just please let my son be healthy and happy and safe. That’s all that matters.”

Damn. We couldn’t love Lowes’ attitude any more — and we hope to hear it more from parents everywhere. Maybe it won’t be long before we finally ditch the gender stereotypes (and awful pastel hues) that come with the pronouncement of “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Because the sex a person is assigned at birth doesn’t actually get at the question of that person’s eventual gender identity — not even close.

We’re especially impressed by Lowes’ free-thinking approach to the antiquated issue, especially since she thinks of herself as a “type-A planner.”

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Lowes wasn’t completely immune to the suspense of finding out the baby’s sex, despite her chill attitude about gender.

“We wanted to find out the sex of the baby,” she said, “so I had my doctor write it on a card that my husband, Adam, picked up. We drove to this beautiful area of California called Meditation Mount, which at sunset has a stunning view of a valley. I opened [the card] that said ‘It’s a boy!’… A moment later, I was crying with happiness.”

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Lowes and Shapiro were both nannies in the past (um, best parents-to-be ever?); in fact, Lowes used to nanny for actor/singer Connie Britton’s kids. So having a baby is not a big, scary thing for the couple according to Lowes.

Well… at least the parenting part is not so scary. Lowes is a little freaked out about the actual delivery: “I do feel completely petrified about how my son is getting out of my body,” she said. Don’t worry, Katie — we have a sneaking suspicion the kiddo will figure it out just fine.


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