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Lara Trump Shamed for Working Out While Pregnant

We won’t get into politics (since it’s likely you’ve had your fill of that, as have we) but we will say this: Nobody should be shaming a woman — any woman — for how she looks or what she does during her pregnancy. Especially if her “inappropriate” action is… exercising.

On Sept. 5, Lara Trump — wife of Eric Trump, daughter-in-law of some politician, IDK — posted a video on Instagram of herself lifting weights and doing some lunges. While pregnant. Who cares?

Silly us. Of course the internet cares.

Her caption was relatable to overdue pregnant women everywhere. “Hoping the workout inspires this baby to make an appearance.” Fair enough.

But Trump’s followers on Instagram were apparently unhappy with how she looked in her third trimester. “You don’t look full term,” said one. “Prayers for you and that baby.”

Another helpful (not) commenter simply shouted in all caps: “SMALL.”

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Even worse, commenters warned of impending miscarriage: “I lost a pregnancy doing just that! Please be careful,” said one. What a terrible thing for that woman to experience. However, pregnancy — and miscarriage — is super-complicated, and super-, super-individual. There’s absolutely no reason one pregnant exerciser is doomed to miscarry just because another one did.

Another said ominously, “You be careful young lady… your baby will come when he’s ready.” Um, thanks?

Trump’s baby — a boy — is due this month. According to Fox News, the couple told the whole family about the pregnancy on Inauguration Day after Lara discovered she was pregnant with their first child on Eric’s birthday in January. “It was a nice birthday surprise for him,” she said. And it’s great the family had happy news to get them through an epic day.

Politics aside, can everybody just lay off the pregnant person, OK? We all carry differently, every fetus gestates differently, and some women prefer lunges to lasagna in the third trimester. Stop judging.

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