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Netflix is Bringing Back ‘Magic School Bus’ & It’s an All-Star Cast

Remember the days when Netflix might hit the spot if you were hankering for, say, the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld, but not much else? The times, they have a-changed, kids.

There’s no question that today’s Netflix fare for adults is in high demand, and guess what: the kids department might have just caught up. Just take a look at the new trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again, aka the greatest and smartest kids show of the ’90s brought back to life. Bonus: Let’s see if you can name the fella singing the theme song.

Yep — Hamilton devotees young and old will rejoice, as that is indeed the voice of one multi-Tony-Award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda.


And he’s not the only one helping Netflix launch the beloved children’s series into 2017; comic goddess Lily Tomlin and Kate freaking McKinnon are on board this ever-festive bus as well. Tomlin is reprising her role as Ms. Frizzle — now promoted to Professor Frizzle, of course — from the original PBS version. McKinnon, meanwhile, is playing Fiona Frizzle, Professor Friz’s younger sister, who’s now in charge of the coolest TV classroom ever. Expect field trips on the Magic School Bus to require plenty of liability waivers, as the class is likely to visit every continent as well as, you know, the molten core of the sun.

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I personally would sign all the things for my kids to be allowed onto this bus and would also volunteer as parent aide. Honestly, I trust Lily Tomlin and Kate McKinnon to drive my family anywhere.

Well done, Netflix. Now you can get started on that Captain Planet reboot we’ve all been waiting for.

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