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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Shares Sweet Video of Baby Son’s Antics

Dance deities and generally super-cool couple Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd (of Dancing with the Stars) are really, really excited that their 8-month-old baby boy tackled the stairs over Labor Day weekend. In other words: They’re totally human after all.

On Monday, Chmerkovskiy posted a video on Instagram of their son Shai making his way up a flight of wooden stairs. Don’t worry: Murgatroyd was right there to make sure there were no DWTS-style sudden death drops or lightning descents.

In the video, the proud parents cheer Shai up the stairs; Murgatroyd brings up the rear, saying, “You can do it!” Meanwhile, Papa Chmerkovskiy says (adorably, if weirdly), “Let’s go! Let’s go, baby lion!”

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His caption took it to a whole other level of proud. “We’re eight months today, but I swear this kid is already stronger and smarter than some grown ups I know! Keep climbing my son! Mommy and daddy always got your back! #babyChmerkovskiy @petamurgatroyd #TfuTfuTfu”

Wow, Maksim — what are you going to post if he becomes an actual athlete? Like, we’re still just talking stairs here, right? But hey, fatherly love knows no bounds.

(Note: Among the many meanings for #Tfu on Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia is “Training for Utopia, a metalcore and industrial metal band from 1996 — 2000.” Is Shai a metalhead in the making? Who knows?)

The two Dancing with the Stars pros have taken to parenthood like they took to the Argentinian tango — that is, very enthusiastically. ET spoke with them in May about life with Shai, and many of us immediately felt the urge to do 100 burpees.

Murgatroyd said, “I don’t think you can stay the same person… I think once you have a baby, it changes your whole life, your whole world, in a good way. But there’s nothing sexier, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your man fall in love with your child even more every day. It’s the best.”

Spoken by the mom who works out while her kid’s in the stroller. Like you do. Or, you know, in some cases, like we definitely don’t.

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