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Little People, Big World Star Body-Shamed for Posting Baby Bump Photo

We love seeing photos of healthy, happy pregnant women. But according to a lot of horrified haters on the internet (the same people who are probably keeping such phrases as “oh my stars” and “get me my smelling salts” in the American lexicon) there is nothing lovely about a pregnant belly — at least not the belly of Audrey Roloff, barre instructor and cast member of Little People, Big World.

Roloff posted a profile of her “#almost39weeks” belly to her Facebook page. In the pic, she’s posing in front of a bathroom mirror. In the caption, she asked her fans, “Does it get any lower?!?”

And yet, the vultures of the internet flocked to the photo with messages of disgust and shame. Roloff’s comments section turned into a swamp of responses, such as, “I love this family but I think it’s a disgrace to show your body… My opinion. It should be for your husband’s eyes only.”

Um, what year is this? 1817? Are we worried about potentially viewing Roloff’s ankles too?

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Another annoyed commenter asked, “Why do young mothers-to-be want to show their naked bellies?”

And there were plenty of charming one-liners such as, “I am so sick of you showing your belly,” and “Audrey you are not the first person to have a baby!!!” Wow.

Fortunately, a few supportive commenters jumped into the muck to praise Roloff.
“When I was young there was so much shaming, old wives tales, secrets and lies. I think what a lot of young people are doing now is to help get rid of the darkness, stigma, and lies around so many ‘normal’ processes.” Damn straight.

Here’s the “offensive” pic, by the way. Cover your eyes if you need to.
The remarkable Roloff had a great, grinning response to the hater faction. She changed her profile picture later the same day to a photo of herself beaming, cross-legged on her bed, wearing — gasp! — a comfy bra and underwear, with her belly front and center.
Atta girl. Don’t let the shamers get you down.

Roloff and her husband, Jeremy, are expecting a baby girl around Sept. 1. They celebrated Roloff’s baby shower with loved ones on Aug. 18 and recently chatted with Us Weekly about their pregnancy journey.

“I’d say we’re very excited, but there are definitely some nerves that come along with it,” Roloff told Us. “At this point, we’re just trying to relax and bring some calm back into our life… We’re looking forward to spending these last few days just the two of us.”

Don’t expect too much calm with that shocking baby bump out there terrorizing everyone, Audrey. But we’ve got your back — and your belly.

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