Madonna’s Twins Perform the Best Dance of All Time for Their 5th Birthday

The “awwwww” that was heard ’round the world today? That’s all the work of Madonna’s twins, who just turned 5. The pair kicked off their birthday celebration (right on the tail of their mom’s own birthday) with a truly amazing dance routine.

Madonna delighted fans by posting a video of the twins on Instagram today. The exclamation mark-studded caption read, “Its [sic] the Happy Birthday Dance!!!! We are 5!!! Let the Celebration Begin!!”

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We’ll let you see for yourself why nobody’s getting any work done this morning.

Madonna confirmed in February 2017 to People that she had adopted the twin sisters in Malawi. Their names are Stella and Esther (or Stelle and Estere — Madonna has spelled the names both ways). She also posted a heartfelt adoption announcement for her fans on Instagram.

These girls clearly take their dancing skills seriously, just like their mom. Their intense expressions during said birthday dance are pretty much slaying us. This is serious birthday business, people.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has shared a video of her girls dancing — and after this, we really hope it won’t be the last.

Stella and Esther, you nailed it. Happy fifth, tiny dancers.


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