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Pregnant Bachelor in Paradise Star Just Got an Ultrasound… on Live TV

Those crazy kids from Bachelor in Paradise, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, are at it again. They met, courted and snarked hilariously about all the other Paradise hookups on TV; then they fell in nerd love, got engaged and got married on TV — all with the ever-present encouragement of Bachelor franchise host and gazillionaire Chris Harrison. Then Waddell got knocked up (presumably off camera), so why shouldn’t the ultrasound happen on TV too? Live TV, no less.

Yes, the quirky parents-to-be were very excited to experience Waddell’s ultrasound in front of a live studio audience on Tuesday, Aug. 22. (The live studio audience did not receive complimentary medical services themselves, alas.)

“A little baby Bass!” Waddell exclaimed during the procedure.

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Bass was thrilled and not even a bit weirded out by the public ultrasound event. “I’m going to be great with whatever it is,” he said, admitting that he’ll be “nervous if it’s a girl, because I don’t know what to do with a girl.”

Waddell, a Texas native and former cruise ship singer who is now stepmom to Bass’s three sons, added, “If it’s a girl, it will just be such an adventure for all of us to try to figure out how to even deal with that.” (Waddell was formerly ditched by the oddly soulless Chris Soules, an Iowa farmer with the laugh of 10,000 hyenas.)

She continued, “I’m still so in awe that this happened. I mean, I froze my eggs ’cause I didn’t think this was going to be an easy task… The fact that it’s in there, and it’s in there moving, is crazy.”

The affable Bass — known affectionately by BIP alumni and pals as “the penis guy” for his work assisting sufferers of erectile dysfunction — spoke to Us Weekly about the pregnancy.

“We knew we wanted to have kids quick, but she had been told by numerous doctors that she potentially couldn’t have kids or it would be hard for her to have kids. She just really thought that it wasn’t possible for her and that it was just going to take awhile,” he said of Waddell.

Bass added that they found out about their pregnancy very soon after their recent (again, live-TV) wedding in Mexico.

“We freaked out. It was extra special to find out down the street from where we got married, engaged, everything,” said Bass.

Bass — originally rejected by Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher — told Us that his sons are thrilled to be getting a half-sibling. “They were so excited. They lost their minds… If it’s a girl, we’re going to protect her together. She’s not going to prom without them kind of thing.” That’s cute and all, but your daughter may well end up tougher than all of you, Evan. After all, she’s probably going to be born on live TV… right?!

And it sounds like that semi-scripted Bachelor magic is at work, because over the weekend, sure enough, the couple confirmed they’re expecting — ta dah! — a baby girl.

So try not to be too unsettled by the live-TV sonogram, folks; at least it wasn’t a transvaginal ultrasound. Besides, at this point, any sense of privacy would just be so off-brand for these two.

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