This Preschooler Isn’t Going to Law School — & She’s Pissed

By Alex Wilson

We love kids. Not just because they’re adorable, but also because they put the big and little moments of life into perspective. Like, for example, preschool.

While noshing on a bag of popcorn, 2-year-old Mila gave us the scoop on everything that bugs her about her school situation. Her sassy reaction to having to attend pre-K — instead of, say, law school — is priceless, and it went super-viral.

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In the video, Mila immediately dishes the dirt: “My mom had some news for me. She signed me up for preschool. I told her I want to go to law school.” This girl’s got her eye on the prize, and we love her for it.

After a dramatic eye roll and heavy sigh, she adds: “She was like, ‘No Mila, you’re only 2.’”

Upon launching into a tirade about her first day at school, Mila says that it left her “shook.” She dismissed everyone there, saying that “the teacher is shady” and the “kids are insane.” We know how it feels when our co-workers don’t live up to our standards, but we can’t say it’s quite the same as preschoolers throwing staplers and “pooping everywhere.”

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Showing the camera her shocked reaction to being in her classroom for the first time, Mila says, “It was a mess! I had to do something.”

And what better way to stop the chaos than what Mila did? Right after she grabs a fresh bag of chips to retell the story, Mila says, “I yelled ‘naptime!’ Checkmate.”

If only calming the workplace were that easy. You can view the whole video below.

Originally published on Fairygodboss.


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