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Unsurprisingly, Serena Williams Is Pregnancy-Craving Goals

Jennifer Mattern

Damn. We’ll admit it. We were kind of hoping pregnant Serena Williams would make some of us feel better about our prenatal obsessions with doughnuts, gummy bears and matzo ball soup. Uh, not so much. Asparagus, anyone?

Yep, this particular pregnant tennis goddess wants no part of your Ben & Jerry’s, salt-and-vinegar chips or sheet cakes (anybody else craving one of those after seeing Tina Fey go to town this week?). But no. Williams wants veggies. On top of veggies. Covered in a sprinkle of veggies. With a garnish of veggies.

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Serena’s rather adorable fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, shared a new Instagram video in which he bemusedly hunts for artichokes for his pregnant almost-bride. With a supermarket basket filled with greens (including a lot of asparagus), Ohanian seemed confused by the fact that Serena’s cravings were keeping him in the produce aisle.

“All right, so it’s a Friday night. I’m at Publix going shopping,” he said in the video. “I was told there would be cravings; I was not told they would be these… Zucchini, asparagus and… What’s this one called again? Artichoke. Really?”

Fans jumped at the chance to share in the comments their own weirdest pregnancy cravings — and apparently Williams’ fan base is pretty green-lovin’ as well. “Cravings are so random! With my first I craved oranges. I ate a bag a week! With my second it was ice,” said one commenter.

“Mine was vinegar with spinach,” another added — a craving even we haven’t heard before.

Someone else chimed in with, “I remember I craved papaya and had to eat one everyday.”

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Who are you healthy people? Quite a few of us erstwhile preggos — this writer included — had our faces half-buried in half-gallons of ice cream for much of those nine months, and you’re over there sautéing collard greens. Will wonders never cease?

But hey, Williams is a four-time Olympic medal winner, so maybe it’s natural that she would crave slightly healthier food than most mere pregnant mortals. “Athlete’s craving > regular human craving,” one fan quipped.

“That baby is going to be an Olympic gold medalist for SURE,” said someone else. (Agreed on both fronts, random fans.)

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Regardless of the root of Williams’ oh-so healthy snacking desires, one thing is clear: It’s Ohanian’s job as nonpregnant partner to make those snacks happen. And it looks like he’s getting an A+ so far.

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