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Lake Bell Reveals Newborn Son’s Name

Lake Bell (The Secret Life of Pets) would like to set the record straight. She did not name her son after Ozzy Osbourne. But she also might start telling people she did.

“We can go with that,” she joked to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday when the TV host asked if her second child was named after the legendary British rock star.

Bell has finally shared her 3-month-old son’s name: Ozzi (with an I), a nickname for Ozgood.

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Bell and husband Scott Campbell also have a toddler, 2-year-old daughter, Nova, who Bell joked was “named after the Chevy… it’s also celestial.”

Bell hasn’t been very forthcoming on Instagram about her family life, but she did post a photo that gave fans a glimpse: a shot featuring a baby doll, Boo Boo Kisses bandages and a condom — as well as a picture of her in director mode with a very pregnant belly.

Initially, Bell and Campbell only planned on one kid. (I know how that goes.)

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“We were so excited to travel the world, you know, we’re like, ‘We’re gonna be modern. You don’t have to have two kids,'” she explained. “And then we had sexual intercourse.”

How’s big sister Nova handling the transition? Bell admitted that Nova is having some trouble welcoming the new addition and prefers spending time voice-texting into her fake plastic cellphone.

“She was like, ‘Hey Mark, comma, how are you today Mark?’” Bell recounted.

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And why, exactly, is this toddler having conversations with an imaginary dude named Mark? Bell explained that “Mark” comes from how often she and Campbell dictate “question mark” into their phones when voice-texting.

“We always do the dictation,” she explained. ” ‘Honey, I’ll be there. Are you OK question mark?’“

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