Yeah, sure — glowy, airbrushed maternity photo shoots that feature perfectly coiffed pregnant women swathed in gauzy maxi dresses cradling their huge bellies in radiant, doe-eyed awe are all well and good.

But we'd probably rather hang out with the Missouri mom who decided the perfect maternity photo shoot setting for her was neither a meadow full of wildflowers nor a cliff above a crashing sea. Instead, the very pregnant Page Miller opted for (drumroll) the one and only Target. Yes. That Target. The store marked with the scarlet bull's-eye — the store in which many of us spend several hours and several hundred bucks each month.

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Photo shoot relatability rating: 10.

Miller (a photographer herself) tapped her fellow photog friend Heather Pippin of Inspired by a True Story Photography. Miller also had her toddler, Avery, along for the shopping cart ride. And the result was pure everyday magic.

Image: Heather Pippin/Inspired by a True Story Photography

Image: Heather Pippin/Inspired by a True Story Photography

Image: Heather Pippin/Inspired by a True Story Photography

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"The shoot initially was just an idea that came from me just wanting to do something different and Page really loving Target," Pippin told CafeMom.

And what did their local Target think of the pair, plus kiddo, traipsing all over the store, snapping their way down each aisle?

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"Surprisingly nobody thought we were too weird — except Brad, Page's husband, who would not be seen with us on this day!" Pippin said. (Brad, you totally missed out.)

The bittersweet backstory of this photo shoot is that Miller is expecting a "rainbow baby" — the common moniker for a child who arrives after the loss of another. The Millers' son Clarke tragically died from SIDS.

We're not at all surprised that this shoot has garnered more than 1,300 shares on Facebook. After all, plenty of us can relate to the ordeal that is hauling your pregnant self through a megastore with a wriggly little one in tow.

The Millers don't yet know the baby's sex, but Page Miller is set on a name: Malin.

Welcome in advance, Malin. You just might like it here — and you just might have a lot of Target popcorn and pizza in your future.