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Good Morning America‘s Ginger Zee Announces Pregnancy During TV Weather Report

You have to love a weather forecast that includes sunny skies — and a partial eclipse of the weather map caused by a pregnant belly.

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Meteorologist Ginger Zee of Good Morning America delighted fans and co-workers by announcing that she is expecting a second child — and a baby bump that may interfere with the weather map.

“This is the breaking news part. There’s a lesser-known visual phenomenon that’s about to happen on our maps only for the next five months,” she started, piquing the audience’s curiosity. Highlighting the southwest and southeast portions of the U.S. map, she continued, “These areas are going to have a shadow from my belly… because I’m pregnant.”

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Not surprisingly, the entire GMA audience cheered. Because baby news, people! So much better than high-pressure storm systems and heat waves.

Her co-hosts were obviously just as thrilled by the news that Zee and husband Ben Aaron are going to be parents the second time around.

“Another baby! Another boy,” Zee said, adding that her new son is set to arrive in February 2018.

Zee was relaxed and happy during the big reveal.

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“I feel good… five months left — [my belly is] gonna get big,” she said. “That’s why I had to tell everybody because it’s already happening.”

Zee also shared the news on social media (like ya do!) with a very sweet picture of her firstborn son, Adrian — born in 2015 — holding an ultrasound printout of his future little brother.

“Adrian already asking to hold his little brother,” she wrote on Instagram. “New baby boy coming February 2018!”

Now that’s a reliable forecast.

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