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Little Boy Thinks Tampons Are Batteries

A 3-year-old boy from Australia found an ingenious use for his mom’s (unused!) tampons — turns out the regular-size ones fit nicely into the battery slots in toy cars.

Heather Leroux posted a picture of her son’s toy car life hack on Today‘s Facebook page with the caption, “My son just found the ‘batteries’ in my makeup bag.”
Who knew Lightning McQueen just needed two tampons to get through a day in Radiator Springs?

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Hmmm. Is there actually a hybrid product in this that no one has come up with yet? If they were laced with battery power, maybe we’d have more pep in our step during that time of the month. Just sayin’.

Leroux — featured in this Facebook profile pic with her very cute family — told The Sun she had been worried about replacing the actual batteries in the toy car, fearing Leo would pry them out and play with them.

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“For a few weeks now I’ve had to tell him I can’t replace the batteries and we’ll have to get more,” she said.

But Leo is a take-charge kind of a kid, obviously.

“While I was cooking, he took it upon himself to go through my gym bag, empty my make-up bag and play with my foundation,” she explained. “All of a sudden he screams and says, ‘Mummy look I found the batteries!’”

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Leroux talked to Daily Mail Australia about breaking the news to Leo that they might not get the job done as he had hoped.

“I had to explain to him that they weren’t batteries and that they are for mummy,” she said. “I told him how clever he was, although they weren’t going to make the car turn on!”

That’s OK, Leo. They don’t do much for us either, the boring old things. Ho-hum. At the very least, you’d think they’d start putting collectible trading cards or bubble gum in each box of tampons just to liven things up for a change. Maybe this is an idea for Shark Tank, hmmm…

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