Andy Samberg & His Wife Secretly Welcome a Baby Girl

We’re not even joking: Andy Samberg is a dad.

Comedian Andy Samberg and his pianist-harpist wife, Joanna Newsom, are super-sneaky. The pair secretly welcomed a baby girl recently. The news was confirmed by Samberg’s rep to Us Weekly.

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We’re amazed that the couple, who married in 2016, was able to keep Newsom’s pregnancy a total secret — even after their daughter arrived.

However, the couple has declined to give further details — name, birth date — at this time.

Newsom hinted that she and Samberg had babies on their minds back in a 2015 interview with Larry King when she joked about a possible “little harpist Samberg” on the horizon.

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According to Us Weekly, Samberg told reporters at the Fox All-Star Party in January 2016, “I love babies… I would love a baby someday.”

Samberg did field a few questions about being a new father on Aug. 8 during a panel for his show Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Los Angeles.

“It’s wonderful… It feels fantastic. That’s a new project, yes. That takes up a lot [of time]. They’re in charge.”

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Samberg said his late hours during his years at Saturday Night Live have prepped him well for his new role. “I’ve been trained with Saturday Night Live,” he said. “You don’t sleep there. When you work there, you don’t sleep.”

Can’t wait to see if Baby Girl Samberg takes after her dad or mom. Congrats to Newsom and Samberg on their very impressive stealth operation.


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