The Pregnancy Checklist Every Mama-to-Be Needs

Pregnancy is a special and emotional time for any woman, yet for most of us, it also comes with a sea of nerves — and sometimes those nerves translate into confusion over our identity and how this new phase might affect our career. That’s why we’re hooking you up with a no-nonsense checklist. While no two women’s pregnancies are the same, these tips will put you on the right track and will guide you as you navigate these exciting months.

  • Browse this maternity leave database to find out what your company’s policy is (or, if you’re job searching, figure out which companies have good leave programs).

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  • If you have a male partner who’s working, find out what the paternity leave policy is at his company.
  • Check out what other women have reported about your company’s (or a prospective company’s) work-life balance and flexibility policies. You may not tire of working long hours now, but when you have a baby at home you may want — or, let’s face it, need — to be able to have a more flexible schedule.

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  • Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful ride that is pregnancy — and if you’re ever feeling like you need more support, let this checklist guide you, and don’t be shy about posting a question or discussion topic to solicit advice from mamas who have been there!

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