Chrissy Teigen, John Legend & Baby Luna Are Rocking Tour Life as a Family

John Legend has a very sweet tour manager: his 16-month-old daughter, Luna.

Legend’s family continues to melt us like a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. When the singer headed off on his 53-city Darkness and Light tour in May, there was no way he was going without wife Chrissy Teigen and their toddler, Luna.

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Teigen, a superstar in her own right, recently spoke in depth to Us Weekly about going on tour with Luna in tow.

“[W]e never thought of not bringing her with us,” she said. “In each city we try and get an AirBnb, so we can cook and have a normal life.”

(For the record, Legend and Teigen’s Airbnb rentals are not exactly what we’d call “normal life,” with price tags of up to $10,000 a night, like this posh place where the family stayed in Kansas City. But hey, we’re just mortals. What do we know? And the larger point she’s making is well-taken.)

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Tour life suits Luna, who loves to be on the go according to Teigen.

“We’re always on the bus. Luna loves her car seat. She points at everything like, ‘Trees!’ That leaves us to take a breather,” Teigen said. “It’s a lot of watching movies and bingeing Handmaid’s Tale.”

Like a lot of other toddlers, though, Luna could do without the air travel (and like a lot of us parents, it sounds like Legend and Teigen could do without that part too):

“We try to avoid [flying]. She just did a long flight from Bali and nailed it — on the way home. On the way there, I was going to have a panic attack. Before I had kids, I was hyperaware of them crying. So I feel like I know when it’s too loud. I get up and apologize. But kids are going to be kids. They’re going to scream. I’m never going to be the parent pretending my kid is not doing that.”

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Teigen also noted that Luna needs her essentials to travel well. “Basically if she has her ba-ba and her lovey that goes over her face when she sleeps, she’s set. She has her colors book, her animal faces book, her Sesame Street bath time book.”

Luna loves Sesame Street, but she’s less of a fan of loud concert halls and stadiums. Mom and daughter don’t watch from the wings because Luna gets overwhelmed.

“We tend to stay in the soundboard,” Teigen said. “And it’s also bedtime — she’s only seen a few shows.”

Being on tour as a family has also served as an opportunity to explore all sorts of “local aquariums, education centers and museums.” Judging from this adorable family pic from Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, which Teigen posted on Instagram, Luna is loving all the family adventures.

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Time for a zoo visit! #LunasFirstTour

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She added, “She’s still so young but I want to go! I drag her around. It’s fun to look up activities or tweet and ask for things to do. I get great answers!”

(When Twitter is behaving itself, that is.)


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