Take a Peek Inside Lauren Conrad's Life as a New Mom

Aug 2, 2017 at 11:09 a.m. ET
Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The hills are alive with sunrise feedings and Spanx for new mom, reality TV alum and designer Lauren Conrad.

Conrad and her husband, William Tell, said hello to their firstborn — a son named Liam James — on July 5. Conrad shared the first photos of Liam with People and dished about how her life has changed in one short month.


“I feel so spoiled. Liam is such a good baby," Conrad said. "I’m sleeping three to four hours at a time. This morning I was up at 4 a.m. and I wasn’t even tired, so I cleaned the kitchen and did some cooking. William was like, ‘You’re crazy!’“ (He might be right, Lauren. Get some extra sleep, girl.)

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But Conrad's energy isn't lagging, and she says she's loving every moment of the newborn days.

“His last nighttime feeding is right around when the sun comes up, so I sit and feed him and watch the sun rise,” she said. “He’s funny to watch — he makes really funny little expressions. I’m already stressing out because I want him to stay this tiny and I know he won’t. So I’m just trying to enjoy how itty-bitty he is.” 

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Though Conrad has yet to post pics of Liam on social media, she did share a very sweet birth announcement on her Instagram feed featuring a ridiculously adorable embroidered sampler of the whole family.


As for that pregnancy weight gain? Meh. Conrad remains unfazed. She said she's not feeling any pressure to drop baby pounds because "Spanx exist for a reason."

Amen to that.

Conrad likened the prep for labor to "getting ready for a blind date" — awwwww. She said she and Tell pondered getting a 4-D ultrasound but ultimately decided to be surprised. And they were — Conrad had convinced herself she was going to have a massive baby, but Liam was just under 7 pounds at birth.

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"I just remember thinking he was so cute — and I was surprised by how tiny he was," she said. "In my head he was nine pounds." (That's a pretty good surprise by childbirth standards if you ask us.)

Conrad told People she wasn't always set on being a mom, though.

“In my early 20s I was open to having them or not having them," she said. "But after meeting William, I changed my mind. I knew I wanted to have a family with him. But I didn’t want to do it right away.”

She and Tell were in no rush to procreate.

“I’m crazy about Liam, but I never really got baby fever. We wanted to enjoy being married and to really be in the right space," Conrad said. "We took our time, so it was something to look forward to.”

Conrad has also noted that she is thrilled to have a son.

“I always hoped I would have a boy,” she told People in a previous interview. “Boys are so fun. I was a tomboy, and I always play best with boys.”

Who does Liam take after? Conrad can't quite figure it out. She says Liam is a "combo of both of us," adding, "He definitely looks like William. But he's still so tiny it's hard to tell!'

Conrad has a clear sense of the direction she wants to go in as a new mom.

“I want to be strong and teach him to respect women. The mother-son relationship is so important,” she explained. “And I’m just excited to play again! I can’t wait to break out the finger paints. And I’m such a Disney nerd, so I get to watch those movies with someone who is seeing them for the first time.” Same.

“I worked hard to get here....it makes me appreciate my life now and value the peacefulness," she added. "I’m really lucky. And I know that.”

For the record, we think Liam James is pretty lucky too.