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Channing Tatum’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Not a Fan of Step Up

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum and World of Dance host Jenna Dewan Tatum may have met while filming Step Up, but that doesn’t mean that their daughter Everly, 4, wants to watch it.

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Channing Tatum told Jimmy Kimmel that he and Jenna Dewan Tatum really thought Everly would love Step Up. But Everly wanted a “real movie” instead.

Tatum said, “We were like, ‘This is really cool! It’s got dancing. She’s going to love it!’ Within 10 seconds, she was like, ‘Can I watch a real movie? I don’t know, like a good one?’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? This is a real movie! This is such a real movie! They made, like, seven more of these! You will watch it! Sit down!'”

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It’s OK. We’re guessing Everly gets plenty of dance time with both parents based on her mom’s Instagram post from a couple of days ago in honor of National Dance Day.

The family that dances together stays together for sure — just don’t make Everly watch any yucky romantic dance movies, all right?

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