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5 True Stories of Sisters Who Were Pregnant at the Same Time

It’s the most sincere love-hate relationship. Your sister is one of your dearest friends, but she’s also the one person in your life who can drive you absolutely, totally, completely up the wall. As you add more and more candles to your birthday cakes and go through similar lifestyle changes — like moving, getting promoted, finding your lifelong partners and more — your friendship may become less adversarial and more peaceful. One of the greatest adventures a dynamic sister duo can share together is the experience of becoming moms. In honor of National Sisters Day on Aug. 6 (yep, it exists), we’re celebrating sisterhood, motherhood and love by sharing these sweet tales of sisters (and sisters-in-law) who were pregnant at the same time.

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Caroline Smith & Angela Fink

Sisters Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time | Caroline Smith & Angela Fink
Image: Caroline Smith & Angela Fink

When Caroline Smith discovered she was pregnant in September, she couldn’t wait to share the happy news with her immediate family. The announcement gave her sister, Angela Fink, baby-fever, and she started trying to start her own family right away. Sadly, Smith lost her baby to a miscarriage just one week later. “Lo and behold, Angela is quite fertile and got pregnant really quickly after. For the first 12 weeks she didn’t share the news with our family because she wanted to be sensitive to my miscarriage,” Smith said.

However, on Christmas Eve, Fink and her husband entered the family room wearing matching shirts announcing they were 13 weeks along: “Hers read, ‘Eating for two,’ and his said, ‘Drinking for three,’” Smith said. At this celebration, Smith was overcome with emotions because she had only found out she was pregnant again three days prior. “Angela came over, probably thinking that I was crying because I was sad, but I told her that I was expecting! I had planned on telling my husband on Christmas morning, so, needless to say, he was quite shocked when he heard me tell Angela I was pregnant,” Smith shared. “It was a whirlwind of emotions, and our babies are only going to be one month apart!”

Kate McGuffin & Elizabeth Simmons

Sisters Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time | Kate McGuffin & Elizabeth Simmons
Image: Kate McGuffin & Elizabeth Simmons

While distance can separate families, the beauty of technology is that it allows sisters to keep each other up-to-date on all their adventures and exciting feats at all times. When Kate McGuffin found out she was pregnant, she shared the news with her younger sister, Elizabeth Simmons, via Skype. Little did McGuffin know her sister would soon be playing copycat. “Fast-forward several months, and we were having a similar conversation, once again on Skype, and my sister announced they were also expecting!” McGuffin shared. “I gave birth to my son River in January, and her son Jack was born in May.”

McGuffin calls the experience of being pregnant with her sister “priceless” and “special.” “We shared tips on absolutely everything from how to deal with killer heartburn to how to dress the bump and what the best brand of diapers were,” she said. “We encouraged and supported each other in our decision to have a natural birth and had such a special birth experience bringing two healthy little boys into the world. Now we are looking forward to watching our boys grow up together and have the same special relationship we have as sisters.”

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Meghan Ely & Kendra Naglieri

Sisters Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time | Meghan Ely & Kendra Naglieri
Image: Meghan Ely & Kendra Naglieri

When Meghan Ely found out she was expecting her first child, she knew she wanted to share the news in a clever way with her family. They waited until it was her father-in-law’s birthday and came up with a game plan. “We made stickers for our two young nieces to wear to announce they were the ‘big’ and ‘bigger’ cousins and planed to give them the stickers as they made their way into the dinner,” Ely shared. However, as she handed the sticker to the oldest niece, Mia, letting her in on the secret, Mia said that her mom was expecting too. Ely corrected her, thinking she was just confused and she continued on her mission. “The girls made their way to dinner, where everyone started screaming, until Mia once again declared that ‘Mommy is having a baby too,’” she shared. “Dead silence ensued until we realized that my sister-in-law, Kendra was also pregnant and planning to announce that night. We all had a big laugh, while my mother-in-law gleefully made plans to buy more Pack ‘n Plays.”

Katie Brandenburg Stallons & Lindsay Brandenburg Wiley

Sisters Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time | Caroline Smith & Angela FinkKatie Brandenburg Stallons & Lindsay Brandenburg Wiley
Image: Katie Brandenburg Stallons & Lindsay Brandenburg Wiley

Katie Brandenburg Stallons and Lindsay Brandenburg Wiley found out they were expecting their second children together, with due dates only weeks apart. It might seem like they planned it. Especially when you consider they had their first children only weeks apart too. But Stallons insists it was just fate. “Truly, it was pure luck and blessing that we shared the experiences of pregnancy and motherhood just weeks apart both times,” she said. “The first time I thought I was pregnant, I told my sister, and without hesitation, she smiled and said, ‘I think I am too!’ We’ve grown up together, shared a college sorority sisterhood, and now we’ve had the fortune of walking through this unique journey side by side.”

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Nikki Roberti Miller & Brittany Roberti

Sisters Who Were Pregnant At the Same Time | Caroline Smith & Angela FinkNikki Roberti Miller and Brittany Roberti
Image: Nikki Roberti Miller and Brittany Roberti

For sisters-in-law Nikki Roberti Miller and Brittany Roberti, the goal of raising their children together was always in the back of their minds. So when the time came when they were both ready to begin trying, they were excited to learn they were both pregnant at the same time. Fortunately and unfortunately, both Miller and Roberti suffered from several issues during their pregnancies, especially in the first trimester, and even had to take the same medication. Though it was a difficult pregnancy for both women, having the shared experience was comforting. “Having someone as sick as me to commiserate with was a blessing, because oftentimes even other pregnant women just don’t understand what it’s like to be that level of sick,” Miller said. While she suffered from preeclampsia and Roberti struggled with gestational diabetes, the twosome supported one another from day one until they both eventually had emergency C-sections. “I don’t know what I’d do without my sister-in-law. She’s the ultimate pregnancy buddy and a pretty darn good mom friend too,” Miller shared.

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