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You Won’t Believe What Kailyn Lowry Did to Find Out the Sex of Her Baby

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry opted for a ~highly scientific~ test to determine the sex of her third child.

On July 26, she documented on Snapchat her anonymous friend (a self-professed “high-risk maternal child health” specialist) swinging a pendulum over her pregnant belly.

It was a rather unorthodox “gender reveal” to be sure.

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Lowry lay on her back while her friend dangled a pendulum with a ring attached to its end over Lowry’s belly. Apparently, pendulum science (we’re smirking — we can’t help it) says a pendulum swinging back and forth means a boy is on the way; a pendulum moving in circles means it’s a girl.

Righty-o. The verdict?

“It’s a girl!” Lowry’s friend exclaimed after the pendulum chain swung in several circles. “I did it on every patient; it was always right.”

Uh, OK.

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So maybe it’s a girl? Or… maybe not?

Lowry shares son Isaac, 7, with her ex-beau Jo Rivera, and son Lincoln, 3, with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Lowry, the author of Pride Over Pity, posted news of her third baby on her blog back in February. She also revealed in May on Twitter that Chris Lopez — her once-boyfriend and longtime pal — is the father of this third baby.

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Lowry’s also been busy whipping up Twitter polls to brainstorm baby names with her fans. More than 42,000 of her followers have offered their opinions.

We’ll take a hard-pass on “Karsyn,” if the pendulum is right. Just. No.

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