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Chrissy Teigen Is OK With Daughter Luna’s Love for French Fries

Yes, we know; we know. She’s a cookbook author and a supermodel with legs as long as a city block and she has a gig cooler than most human beings will ever experience (Lip Sync Battle host who chills with A-list celebrities). And then there’s that sexy crooner husband (John Legend) she gets to travel the world with. Yes. We hear you.

That said, we still maintain that Chrissy Teigen remains one of the most relatable, accessible moms out there — particularly when it comes to what her daughter, Luna, is eating these days.

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Teigen — who partnered with McDonald’s to announce the news of their Global McDelivery partnership with UberEats — wants her little girl to have the most normal childhood possible.

Teigen told People that balance is everything. “It’s hard sometimes because you want to find balance and there’s organic this, organic everything,” she said. “She loves French fries, like, she’s a kid. I don’t want to deprive her. I don’t want her to not be able to eat French fries or not be able to enjoy a piece of candy. Everything is in balance.”

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Teigen is also clearly not a germaphobe either. “I want [Luna] to go and play in the PlayPlace and I want her to do those kids things,” she added. (Just maybe don’t lick anything, Luna.)

So what does Luna eat these days besides French fries? According to Teigen, fish, strawberries and avocado are at the top of Luna’s list. Plus condiments. (Luna, you are so advanced.)

“She’s just kind of learning about sauces so now with her French fries she looks around and knows there’s ketchup somewhere,” Teigen told People. “I’m like, ‘You used to eat your French fries plain!’ Now she needs condiments.”

Yesterday, Teigen was spotted giving free food to Hoboken firefighters from the McDelivery Collection as part of her partnership with Mickey D’s. She posted a cute shot with the firefighters on her Instagram account captioned, “Ok, you guys know how obsessed I am with getting food delivered AND my love for @McDonalds. My two faves have come together, thanks to #McDelivery now on @UberEATS….”

We’re guessing Luna scored a whole lotta fries that day.

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