The 6 Moms You Always Meet on Vacation

Aug 2, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET
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Family vacations are these amazing nuggets of time when we get to relax and make memories with our families. But just like you see on those memes that show up in your Facebook feed at this time of year, it’s really not a break for moms. We’re still on parenting duty (and may have become packing and organizing aficionados). However, those chill vibes still run through us, to be released during magical moments when we least expect it. Because of this, we all tend to morph into these "vacation mom" categories where our true mom selves get blended with some vacation vibes.

Warning: You can spot these vacation moms almost anywhere.

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1. The reminder mom

"Don’t forget to let your food digest before getting back into the water."

"Don’t forget to put another layer of sunscreen on in 10 minutes."

You get the picture. They mean well. In fact, I am this person sometimes. Kids start playing and are extra excited on vacation and tend to forget about the basics — that's where the reminder mom comes in. She keeps everyone in check, no questions asked.

2. The super-chill mom

This is the mom who has needed this vacation so bad, she's decided not to care about anything as soon as she gets the key to the hotel room in her hands. She’s ready to unwind, and who can blame her? You might find her family ordering room service, see her kids running in the hallway and her embracing every adventure that comes her way because, hey, it’s vacation! (I dream of being this mom.)

3. The "I just need a drink" mom

This mom needs to relax, but can’t. Until she's lying by the pool, cocktail in hand, ready to unwind and drift into full-on vacation mode. I have a bit of this mom in me too. I suspect my husband would agree.

4. The itinerary mom

This mom goes into vacation mode with a plan. Every day is planned out, activities are prebooked, and you can even find the task of "relaxing by the beach" given a non-negotiable time slot. She knows she has a lot of ground to cover and wants to make sure the whole family is able to experience all of it (whether they want to or not). This mom's time-management skills are unparalleled, and everyone at the resort knows her by name. I’m this mom too. *Gulp*

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5. The "go make some new friends" mom

This was my mom (and her mom). This is the mom who wants to sit poolside and catch a few rays without her kids in her face asking a million questions. So what does she do to get a few glorious moments of alone-time? She encourages the hell out of her kids to find a playmate. You might overhear this mom saying things like, "Honey, what about that group of kids over there? They look about your age," several times a day.

6. The involved mom

This mom wants to experience it all with her family and is involved in every element of vacation time. She’s splashing in the pool, jumping in the waves, planning the excursion, tasting the fine cuisine the resort has to offer. She can also be called the tired mom, to be found slipping away to bed by 8 p.m. every night (because being fun can be completely exhausting).

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Do you recognize any of these vacation moms in yourself?
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