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Ciara & Russell Wilson Ride a Toboggan With Their Kids at the Great Wall of China

We admit it: We had no clue that the Great Wall of China had a cool toboggan ride. (Pretty sure that was not an original feature of the Wall.)

Ciara, husband Russell Wilson, son Future Zahir and daughter Sienna Princess made sure not to miss the cool slide on a recent visit to China.

The singer posted a fun video on her Instagram account showing the whole family riding the toboggan.

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Wilson and Future rode in back, while Ciara rode up front holding 3-month-old Sienna tight to her chest in a baby carrier.

And yes, we fully expect a tsunami of mommy-shaming will come Ciara’s way for taking an infant on a toboggan ride without a helmet and a steel cage.

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“I wish I could put into words how fun this was!” Ciara captioned the clip.

No words necessary — we can feel the fun from here. Excuse us while we go build a toboggan ride in the break room.

Wilson also posted an Instagram video from the Great Wall — of him throwing a football.

Nice pass, Russell.

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