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Mom-Shamers Bummed Out Because Chrissy Teigen Triple Checked Luna’s Car Seat

Chrissy Teigen: 1. Mommy Shamers: 0.

Today is a very sad day for those who live to pounce on others’ parenting mistakes. Chrissy Teigen took no chances before tweeting a super-cute photo of 15-month-old daughter Luna in her car seat — she double and triple and quadruple checked that Luna was buckled in perfectly so there would be nothing for the Judgy McJudgersons to criticize.

The photo is so stinking sweet, you might get a cavity. In it, Luna is beaming at her mom with a megawatt grin. Teigen captioned the pic, “Welcome to NYC, baby!”

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A Twitter user commented wryly on the photo, “So brave of you to post a car seat picture… these are sanctimommy’s fave things to criticize on.”

Teigen’s response was classic. “Oh trust me, I looked at that chest plate for 10 minutes before posting!”

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Teigen has been on the frequent receiving end of mommy-shamers’ vitriol, starting when Luna was only 2 weeks old and Teigen and husband John Legend went out — without the baby — for a dinner date. Some of the internet acted as if Teigen and Legend had left their newborn alone in a den of rabid wolves.

 “I knew mommy-shaming was a thing, but I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner,” Teigen said on Good Morning America.

But as we all now know, mommy-shamers can find fault with pretty much anything. Teigen was also raked over the coals for the (completely harmless, completely A-OK) way she was photographed holding Luna when Luna was 6 months old.

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Teigen replied to that brouhaha with a tweet, “Let me know how you hold your baby when she’s about to go in a stroller and there are 20 camera flashes at night.”

One of our fave Teigen tweets? “I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers.”

We can definitely get behind that.

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