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Dad Harasses Celebrity Golfers Until Justin Timberlake Holds His Baby

Nants ingonyama!

Justin Timberlake, Stephen Curry and Tony Romo — among other glitterati — were minding their own business, strolling between holes at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Tahoe this weekend.

Enter a new dad from Roseville, California, who begins bellowing from the crowd and begging one of the celebs to hold his baby, Logan. Any celeb. He didn’t seem to care much which one.

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Tony Romo was having none of this baby nonsense and ignored the dad’s (very loud) pleas. But old softie Timberlake couldn’t resist. The crowd cheered as he approached and held out his arms for the kid.

We’re thinking Timberlake was probably trying to save the child from early hearing loss. Good man, that Justin.

The moment got pretty cute when Steph Curry darted over to help create a Lion King moment.
The baby looked less than impressed with the whole incident, but we’re guessing Dad won’t be shutting up about it anytime soon.

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And in case you’ve ever wondered about the opening lyrics of Circle of Life (we had to look them up)? Well, enjoy, friends. You learn something new every day.

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