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20 Reasons I’m Scared to Travel With My Toddler

11. No comfort zone

“My fear (although we travel a ton with our daughter Charlotte) is leaving our safety bubble. Our house is child-proofed, so if she leaves my sight for a few minutes, it will be OK. (I mean, she might be eating cat food, but she’s not hurting herself.) When we are away and it’s a not a toddler-friendly home, we have to watch her like a hawk. She always goes for the heavy, breakable things on the shelves that she can break and hurt herself with.” — Mindy Polk, 34

12. Disease

“I’m scared of tropical diseases. During our trip to Costa Rica, the place where we stayed had some mosquitoes with something called the dengue virus. I was mad about it! We used a ton of protection. We don’t have anything like that in Paris!” — Chloé Laizeau-Scialom, 31

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13. Safety

“Safety. Especially with what’s going on in the world right now. Or if they get away from you in a crowded place.” — Anonymous Mommy, 33

14. Tantrums

“My toddler’s tantrums are unbearable at times. I’m doing the wait-it-out method (is that really a method?), but strangers give her attention and even try to give her toys. It’s a nightmare. After being in a car seat all day, she can melt down in an instant if she’s not getting her way.” — Jennifer Capps, 32

15. Penis chat

“They say embarrassing things. I was potty-training my oldest when he was a toddler, and he loudly said ‘Mom, where is your penis?’ in a busy bathroom. That was… fun.” — Ashley Daugherty, 31

16. What if…?

“Maybe I’m the crazy lady coming through, but I’m terrified of all the what-ifs. I always feel like something bad will happen while we are gone and if we were home we will be safe. Actually just typing that made me feel much crazier.” — Natalie Jean, 35

17. Pooping on the hour

“My kid decides to not poop for three days leading up to whatever trip we might be taking. Usually about 20 minutes after we are in the car and on the highway he has a massive poop. And then continues to poop every hour until we finally reach the destination. He then resumes his pooping strike while while we’re on vacation and starts again when we’re on our way home. This has also happened on three separate flights. On any normal day he goes one or two times and usually around the same time during the day.” — Anonymous Mommy, 32

18. Other people

“Honestly, my biggest fear is other people. I’m terrified of someone trying to grab a child and run with them, people who try to speak to children and have no business interacting with them, people watching our children. As a mom of two young babies, it’s nonstop with who wants to go where and look at everything. My eyes and hands are always on them, but I’m human. It’s such a fear of mine, traveling, that my kids are safe.” — Shannon Maroldo, 33

19. Screwed-up bedtimes

“I’m terrified of a plane or traffic delay that will screw up bedtime. A strict bedtime for our toddler keeps this whole family sane.” — Emily Farris, 35

20. All of the above

“This is an easy one. How’s this for a summary? While in transit — carsick, tantrum on an airplane (was once on a red-eye flight when someone else’s kid threw a tantrum screaming they want to get off the plane at the top of their lungs), wanting to walk up and down the aisles on an airplane or train, poop blow-outs, all binkies thrown on the floor or under seats. While at destination — not having access the food they eat, messing up their sleeping habits. And that is why after every time we travel (which is minimal), I ask myself why I bothered.” — Anna B., 35

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