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Beyoncé’s Mom Confirms Reasons Behind the Name ‘Rumi’

Jennifer Mattern

Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles, is everybody’s mom.

Tina Knowles: Honey, why don’t you explain to all your nice fans why you chose “Rumi” as a baby name? It’s very confusing.

Beyoncé: Mom, nooooo. It’s personal.

Tina Knowles: Do you mind if I say a little something on Facebook? Because I just think…

Beyoncé: Ma, don’t. They’ve already figured it out.

Tina Knowles: Twitter?

Beyoncé: Please don’t, OK? Jay will not be happy.

Tina Knowles: Fine. [Immediately posts Rumi quotes on Instagram]

Yep, we cringed a little bit when we saw Knowles — not Beyoncé — posting about the intriguing choice of “Rumi” for one of the twins’ names on Instagram this Saturday. Don’t get us wrong — we’re obviously lapping up any Beyoncé-Jay-Z twins news we can get — but it seems like maybe Beyoncé should have been the one to confirm the deeply intimate reasons behind the name Rumi?

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We’re pretty sure Rumi, a 13th century poet, had no idea he would ever get 15 minutes of Instagram fame thanks to Beyoncé’s mama. Tina Knowles shared some of his poetry about love in her post and wrote, “[I]t’s not only beautiful but logical.”

Knowles also highlighted her favorite Rumi stanzas.

Knowles seems to be loving the third Rumi quote the best, captioning her post, “Sometimes we are the reason we can’t find love!! We have to work on ourselves first to be whole.”

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Another reads, “This is love, to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.” (We’re guessing that explains all the gauzy veils Beyoncé has been wearing in her pregnancy and birth announcements.)

Beyoncé has been in a poetry groove for some time, a case in point being her collab with British poet Warsan Shire on Lemonade. (Shire was also the poet behind Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, which included the refrain, “I have three hearts.”) So the choice of Rumi is no big surprise to most of the internet. (“Sir” is a little more confusing, however.)

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Mama Tina, we majorly appreciate the behind-the-scenes grandma insight, but don’t you go pissing off the tired new parents by oversharing, OK?

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