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Amanda Seyfried Explains Why She Won’t Share Her Baby’s Name


Amanda Seyfried, star of Les Misérables and Mamma Mia, is opening up about life with her new baby girl — but don’t ask her to tell you the baby’s name, OK?

Recently, Seyfried got uncharacteristically candid on a podcast, Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy.

“I’m a parent now, and I appreciate things in a way I never have,” said Seyfried about becoming a first-time mom in March.

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She and husband Thomas Sadoski aren’t sharing their daughter’s name with the public. “I wouldn’t want you to ask me what her name is because I wouldn’t tell you. It’s about us as a family,” she said. “Our friends [know] and you know what that caused? A lot of embroidery. A lot of embroidered towels.”

(We wouldn’t send any towels or embroidery, Amanda, if you change your mind on that. Just FYI.)

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Seyfried’s pregnancy wasn’t planned, but that didn’t faze her or Sadoski. Not one bit.

“We knew that we wanted to be together and make a baby, but you know, sometimes things happen and it’s the biggest blessing in the world,” she said. “We were so excited. You imagine these moments. Like being proposed to and marrying somebody, walking down the aisle or having your baby and taking a pregnancy test. You imagine all these things, but when they really happen, you can’t believe it’s happening to you.”

One of the sweetest revelations from Seyfried? She told Sadoski about the pregnancy by writing then reading to him a poem she’d written. Awwww. Except it was a little over his head. “Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get it after the first reading. It was a little abstract,” she said.

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Seyfried also shared that her labor was loooooong: 24 hours. The first 10 or 11 hours were spent at home with Sadoski, and then the couple was joined by the doula and Seyfried’s mother.

“I was crawling on all fours between contractions it was so bad,” Seyfried said. She opted for an epidural (we feel you, Amanda).

Seyfried made us swoon with her description of her baby girl meeting Sadoski. “She connected with Tommy — that was the first person she looked at. I mean, father-daughter connection, it trumps everything.” Gah, tissues please.

We completely appreciate Seyfried’s love-hate relationship with breastfeeding. too. “I was ready to quit about five days in because it was a searing pain and I couldn’t get a good latch,” Seyfried said. She wound up with a raging case of mastitis, an excruciating infection of breast tissue common the first three months of breastfeeding.

Seyfried called the breastfeeding process initially “stressed” and “fearful” for her. But now Seyfried feels like she’s got this breastfeeding thing down. “She’s getting milk and she’s gaining weight like a champ.”

We’re not sure how long it will be until a source reveals Seyfried’s baby’s name (inevitable?) but we applaud Seyfried for wanting to keep her baby girl under wraps for now.

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